19420660_10209270008283439_6091565159685355446_nAdventure Like A Girl is a personal blog… adventure journal… inspiration piece… none of these words seem to quite fit what I’m trying to accomplish but you get the drift. You won’t find curated galleries, insta-perfect shots, or unoriginal posts here. What you will find is real content related directly to my (mis)adventures involving backpacking, full-time RV’ing, adventure lifestyle, and most importantly hanging out with my four-legged furry best buddy. I’m going to do my best to maintain this website as a space to educate and inspire other wanderlust infected adventure junkies like myself. Most importantly, I hope that I can offer encouragement and insight into adventure culture and lifestyle for women, especially single women, who are interested in but hesitant or afraid to pursue this dream. Sound like you? Read on!

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